I’m actually making this post when I’m supposed to be reading my Ecology textbook….procrastination has gotten into me again.

So the last post that I made was when I finished my 2B term (December 2015). Damn, I haven’t been updating about what’s going on so far. So here’s a quick update:

  • I finished my 4th coop term! Really enjoyed working with my supervisors and manager. I learnt a lot about Internet of Things (IoT). I got to play with microcontrollers as well!
  • Currently the second week into 3A right now. So far, I’m enjoying all the courses. I originally wanted to do ECE 209 (Materials Science I think?), but I had a course conflict, so I can’t take it 🙁 . Instead, I’m taking ENVS 200 – field ecology! This is to satisfy my List 1 NSE requirement. It has weekly labs, and for this week we went bird watching in Waterloo Park! Definitely looking forward to these labs.
  • Crammed my work report last week. That was not fun…

I know I meant to post about Orientation Week and Hack the North from last year, but I really never got around to it. I guess I’ll do that sometime closer to the fall term.

I also can’t believe that I’m more than half way done ECE! Just…damn. Really going to miss all the friends I made when 4B comes around.

Anyway, back to reading Ecology!

David Vuong