I have been asked these a few times throughout the term and I can understand why; you just don’t know how to study. And it’s completely normal to feel like that. But sometimes, we over-think about it and end up much more ahead of ourselves and we get lost. I compiled a few tips for course wise in 1A and 1B (because i haven’t done 2nd year yet).

ECE 150 (Programming) : I don’t know how much has changed in programming since I took it, but from the feedback I got from profs and upper year students; go to your labs and tutorials. If you already know a decent amount of programming, go to the harder ones (arrays, linked lists and so on). Once you have code, experiment with it; play around and see what it does for you. Ask for help from TAs or profs if you are stuck. This might also be helpful. It’s what I used to start off. Java is very similar to C# so you should be okay!

ECE140 (Linear Circuits) : Practice. The assignments that have been written out in the course outline need to be done. I didn’t take them as ‘optional’ so I always did it before the tutorials, unless I’m super busy, then I do it within two days after. Go to Tutorials, Labs obviously and Lectures. As Prof. Dabbagh said, “If you want to pass, just study and do the assignments. If you want good grades, do all of this and read the textbook.” For finals and midterms, do the past papers after you did all the assignment questions.

ECE105 (Physics): Aaaaah Physics, the love of my life (sorry B., you had to find out someday ._.). Clearly one of the hardest (if not the hardest) courses in 1A ECE and SE. Based on mostly mechanics and kinematics, this course will be hell for you. It will suck up your time and happiness like Dementors at Hogwarts but once you fight them off one at a time, it fills you with bliss again. Like Harry did practice his spells, practice questions and concepts. Study the concepts, review notes, and do the hard questions. I personally did the assignments at least 3 times during finals time. I went to help sessions when I needed help and crashed my prof’s office hours when I had to. For midterms, do the midterms. And you will still fail. Well most of you will .. BUT DON’T GIVE UP HOPE! 😀
The midterm is designed to make you regret your choices for you to know its going to be tough in here at University. So work hard, the final doesn’t get any easier, you just get better! This will help for concepts.  This will help for examples.

MATH117 (Calc) : Well I suck at Calc but I’m good at Physics. But I’m getting better at it! Unlike Math in High School, some of calc is theory-based. So you’d actually have to read it to understand what you will be doing in the assignments. Like anything else, read the notes, redo the assignments and do past finals/midterms. Don’t forget to ask questions to TAs and profs if you need help!

CHE102 (Chemistry) : Literally just read the slides, make your cheat-sheet, dont skip the assignments and tutorials. If you wanna ace it, redo the assignments and tutorial questions. The reason you might want to ace it, is this course is the easiest to get a 100 in if you prepare well enough. It’s all MCQ based (hopefully they don’t change it now). Cheat sheet -> write down things you don’t remember easily, and hard questions.


I will update with 1B thingz soon, but those are what I did during 1A. Hope it helps!

Nikhil Ramburrun