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Hey ya’ll!

I know I haven’t been posting frequently since August of my work term….It’s because I’ve been pretty damn busy since then. I had to work on my work report, my technical presentation (a milestone for students in 2B ECE), Engineering Orientation Week 2015, Hack the North, course work, a ton of interviews, blah blah blah…

I  was planning on making a post on Orientation Week and Hack the North early on in September, but unfortunately I was sick for a good week after when everything was over! And as a result, I had to catch up on lectures, labs, basically everything.

Now that hell week is right around the corner for me, that post that I wanted to do now gets pushed even further back into November, which is ridiculous since both OWeek and HTN was ~two months ago.

But yea, that’s how things are going right now. I will try to get my s*** together and finish up that long overdue post. 😛 Hopefully things are going well for you! All of the best!

Waterloo Co-op: A Student’s Perspective

Due to a popular request from the ECE Class of 2020, I compiled a list of possible co-op positions one can apply to in the Jobmine system (to be replaced by WaterlooWorks in the future). Note that this list is based off of my experience as a co-op student, so it may be different for others. Some people also want a detailed description as to how the co-op system works, so I also included it in this post as well. Enjoy!

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We are still alive!

Hey guys!

I know its been a while since we’ve written a post on this blog. We’ve been pretty busy lately with our work, and this kind of slipped our minds. We finished our second work term and moved on to our 2A study term. We’ve been pretty busy with work, as the 2A term is meant to be a difficult one.

We are starting to gear up for finals, so we (again) won’t be posting much as often as we hoped. However, after finals, I will try to post stuff more frequently about our experience in ECE!