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3B ECE – Experiences and Conclusions

Readers out there might be thinking “What?!?! 2 posts within a span of a couple hours?!?!”

Yea, since I’m already on a roll, might as well just continue with my most recent term. 🙂

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3A ECE – Experiences and Conclusion

So I know this post is basically a year late (sorry!), but better late than never? Let’s just say that there was propagation delay within my brain to actually get this done 😛

There was a train of events that happened since the completion of this term, which basically delayed everything…until now! So, let’s get right into it!
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2B ECE – Experiences and Conclusions

Now that finals are out of the way and that majority of the marks are out, I’m finally done 2B ECE! This term was, surprisingly, quite relaxing, compared to what I call the hell term. But don’t take this for granted: the work and material are a lot more difficult than the material in 2A. Now that the term is over, I should probably go through a review of the 2B term.
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2A ECE – Experiences and Conclusions

After four months of stress, lack of sleep and whatnot, I’m finally done one of the hardest terms in ECE! With all those labs, extra curricular activities, and coop interviews, and lectures, things can get pretty tough to manage, especially when you have to work around a timetable like this. Now that the term is over, I thought that it would be nice to talk about some course specific things, as well as some of my experiences this term.

(Also remember that this is the term where you submit your Soul Transfer Form to the ECE department 🙂 ).

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ECE Lifehacks

I have been asked these a few times throughout the term and I can understand why; you just don’t know how to study. And it’s completely normal to feel like that. But sometimes, we over-think about it and end up much more ahead of ourselves and we get lost. I compiled a few tips for course wise in 1A and 1B (because i haven’t done 2nd year yet).
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