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Author: Nikhil Ramburrun

ECE Lifehacks

I have been asked these a few times throughout the term and I can understand why; you just don’t know how to study. And it’s completely normal to feel like that. But sometimes, we over-think about it and end up much more ahead of ourselves and we get lost. I compiled a few tips for course wise in 1A and 1B (because i haven’t done 2nd year yet).
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Quest for Salvation: First year mistakes and experiences

Hey Everyone! I’m Nikhil Ramburrun, a student in ECE at UW and I’m currently on co-op. I figured since most of you have heard that ECE is hard and others are taking it lightly, that I should make some kind of blog to tell you guys about my own story. For someone who never failed a single course in their lifetime, failing 3 courses and hence my 1A term was devastating if you can imagine. Continue reading