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3B ECE – Experiences and Conclusions

Readers out there might be thinking “What?!?! 2 posts within a span of a couple hours?!?!”

Yea, since I’m already on a roll, might as well just continue with my most recent term. 🙂

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3A ECE – Experiences and Conclusion

So I know this post is basically a year late (sorry!), but better late than never? Let’s just say that there was propagation delay within my brain to actually get this done 😛

There was a train of events that happened since the completion of this term, which basically delayed everything…until now! So, let’s get right into it!
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Some random updates

I’m actually making this post when I’m supposed to be reading my Ecology textbook….procrastination has gotten into me again.

So the last post that I made was when I finished my 2B term (December 2015). Damn, I haven’t been updating about what’s going on so far. So here’s a quick update:

  • I finished my 4th coop term! Really enjoyed working with my supervisors and manager. I learnt a lot about Internet of Things (IoT). I got to play with microcontrollers as well!
  • Currently the second week into 3A right now. So far, I’m enjoying all the courses. I originally wanted to do ECE 209 (Materials Science I think?), but I had a course conflict, so I can’t take it 🙁 . Instead, I’m taking ENVS 200 – field ecology! This is to satisfy my List 1 NSE requirement. It has weekly labs, and for this week we went bird watching in Waterloo Park! Definitely looking forward to these labs.
  • Crammed my work report last week. That was not fun…

I know I meant to post about Orientation Week and Hack the North from last year, but I really never got around to it. I guess I’ll do that sometime closer to the fall term.

I also can’t believe that I’m more than half way done ECE! Just…damn. Really going to miss all the friends I made when 4B comes around.

Anyway, back to reading Ecology!

2B ECE – Experiences and Conclusions

Now that finals are out of the way and that majority of the marks are out, I’m finally done 2B ECE! This term was, surprisingly, quite relaxing, compared to what I call the hell term. But don’t take this for granted: the work and material are a lot more difficult than the material in 2A. Now that the term is over, I should probably go through a review of the 2B term.
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Hey ya’ll!

I know I haven’t been posting frequently since August of my work term….It’s because I’ve been pretty damn busy since then. I had to work on my work report, my technical presentation (a milestone for students in 2B ECE), Engineering Orientation Week 2015, Hack the North, course work, a ton of interviews, blah blah blah…

I  was planning on making a post on Orientation Week and Hack the North early on in September, but unfortunately I was sick for a good week after when everything was over! And as a result, I had to catch up on lectures, labs, basically everything.

Now that hell week is right around the corner for me, that post that I wanted to do now gets pushed even further back into November, which is ridiculous since both OWeek and HTN was ~two months ago.

But yea, that’s how things are going right now. I will try to get my s*** together and finish up that long overdue post. 😛 Hopefully things are going well for you! All of the best!

My mistakes in First Year: The Non-Academic Stuff

You’ve probably read about Nikhil’s experience repeating his first year, or my experience about almost failing 1B. But what about the non-academic stuff? Back in first year, was my first time ever being away from home, and after a month into first year, I really missed being at home. You could say that I was pretty spoiled since my parents would help me with what I call the essentials (making food, washing clothes, grocery shopping) which I now have to deal with on my own. So here’s a list of things that I screwed up hard, which really stuck with me ever since my 1A term.
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Waterloo Co-op: A Student’s Perspective

Due to a popular request from the ECE Class of 2020, I compiled a list of possible co-op positions one can apply to in the Jobmine system (to be replaced by WaterlooWorks in the future). Note that this list is based off of my experience as a co-op student, so it may be different for others. Some people also want a detailed description as to how the co-op system works, so I also included it in this post as well. Enjoy!

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How UWaterloo Co-op helped me so far

So it’s that time of the year again: high school students deciding on which offer to accept. Two years ago, I was in their shoes at that time. Needless to say, I chose the University of Waterloo for Computer Engineering. Over time, the decision to come to this university was proven to be a wise choice. You’ve probably heard a lot about Waterloo’s co-op reputation and how you can earn up to two years of real work experience and you get paid real salaries and stuff. But one thing they don’t really talk much about is the implications that it has on students. So this post will try to address that, and hopefully you will find this helpful!
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2A ECE – Experiences and Conclusions

After four months of stress, lack of sleep and whatnot, I’m finally done one of the hardest terms in ECE! With all those labs, extra curricular activities, and coop interviews, and lectures, things can get pretty tough to manage, especially when you have to work around a timetable like this. Now that the term is over, I thought that it would be nice to talk about some course specific things, as well as some of my experiences this term.

(Also remember that this is the term where you submit your Soul Transfer Form to the ECE department 🙂 ).

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We are still alive!

Hey guys!

I know its been a while since we’ve written a post on this blog. We’ve been pretty busy lately with our work, and this kind of slipped our minds. We finished our second work term and moved on to our 2A study term. We’ve been pretty busy with work, as the 2A term is meant to be a difficult one.

We are starting to gear up for finals, so we (again) won’t be posting much as often as we hoped. However, after finals, I will try to post stuff more frequently about our experience in ECE!

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