Hey ya’ll!

I know I haven’t been posting frequently since August of my work term….It’s because I’ve been pretty damn busy since then. I had to work on my work report, my technical presentation (a milestone for students in 2B ECE), Engineering Orientation Week 2015, Hack the North, course work, a ton of interviews, blah blah blah…

I  was planning on making a post on Orientation Week and Hack the North early on in September, but unfortunately I was sick for a good week after when everything was over! And as a result, I had to catch up on lectures, labs, basically everything.

Now that hell week is right around the corner for me, that post that I wanted to do now gets pushed even further back into November, which is ridiculous since both OWeek and HTN was ~two months ago.

But yea, that’s how things are going right now. I will try to get my s*** together and finish up that long overdue post. 😛 Hopefully things are going well for you! All of the best!